Oh, this video does not call for violence. The video was created for significant experimental purposes. Only hi from past experiments, I have collected such a bunch of cockroaches at the time there were 1 000 cockroaches. But now I don't even know how many of them are there after all cockroaches are real cannibals. And perhaps during the time they have eaten each other a little in general let's get to the point today. We will find out what will happen if a 220 volt socket is loaded to the cockroaches.

For this, we need a socket and somewhere's. The idea rose from the rumors spread on the internet, which supposed that insects can cause a shirt circuit. And in some cases, even cause a fire.

This is what we are going to check today. Well at the same time, find out if they can survive after being hit by an electric shock of 220 volts in the life experience of many people who have come across Croatia's living at home. I think there were such moments that they even found cockroaches in electrical appliances, Well, if electrical appliances are also under warranty, then this warranty will be automatically cancelled.

If an insect is found inside the service center in general, while I was telling you all this information, I had already prepared an outlet for our experiment and decided to test the charging of my old walkie-talkie on it. Now the outlet is still not energized. And for start, I decided to place this outlet in the form in which it should be that is in the case. And at the same time, we will just check. If cockroaches can get inside this outlet, well, here is the first proof for you on the side of this side, ground contacts. There is a hole into which cockroaches can easily slip. But now we connect this outlet to a voltage of 220 volts.

And at first glance, nothing seems to happen. There is not even any smoke here. Once again, you can clearly see how the cockroaches find holes, despite the fact that nothing is happening visually. We have already figured out a few things. Firstly, cockroaches can get into. Electrical appliances and secondly, cockroaches do not care about electromagnetic radiation, which probably comes from a plucked in socket.

Next. I decided to disassemble this outlet and lower it to the cockroaches when connected, maybe this is how we will see how cockroaches react to voltage of 220 volts at first glance, nothing seems to be happening, but you just take a closer look when some cockroaches get on the contacts of the powder outlet, they immediately bounce of these contacts. This suggests. That the cockroaches are shocked, but for cockroaches, 220 volts is not deadly from this. We can conclude that all the sockets that are in the apartment can become a living space for cockroaches.

Well, looking at all this. I have prepared one interesting question for you. Why do you think cockroaches do not die when hit by electricity at 220 volts write your answer in the comments, everything is more or less clear with the outlet?

But what will happen took a grouch if it accidentally falls into the. Electrical discharge of a stun gun after all ordinary stun, guns have a voltage of up to 500 000 volts. But we will not chase cockroaches with a stun gun to conduct the experiment. We will make a special installation, which we will put to the cockroaches. And if a cockroach accidentally gets into it, we will find out whether such a voltage is fatal for a cockroach.

Just in case for the YouTube team. I want to say that cockroaches make their own choices. And we do not force them to go to this contact pair.

In fact, cockroaches will have a choice effort to move away from this installation or to purposefully project. Also, it would be worth running away from even such a sound it's, not for nothing that some online stores that sell these stun guns, call them, dark replants, here's. The setup I got now let's watch to be honest in general, such an experiment plunged me into a real shock after all cockroaches can withstand voltage of as much as 500 000 volts. Of course, some electric shock. Discharge can stun a. Cockroach for a while, but for a cockroach, it is not fatal, plus cockroaches, don't feel pain. I think this is a real discovery in this experiment.

And I hope the release was fascinating to you if so be sure to like this video and that's all for now bye. Everyone.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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