SMOSH GAMES RETIRES! (Grand Theft Smosh)

The guy next, we're shooting rockets that you kill, oh, okay. Yeah. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill him all right? Yeah, hey.

Guys. Welcome to business. Mush, I'm, killing, , haha, nice. Good work job. I have a jet I found this building that was like along the coast, I'm going to jump out of this plane and go to this giant mansion I. Think what the Playboy Mansion, oh is that what that is I've been there already inside bet you've been.

Yeah. Alright, I'm a regular. Wow. This jet is awesome.

I, kind of don't. Want to remand, oh man, there's. Another jet I'm going to join you guys in the skies. This is the building do I want to just make I land. My jet I want to land my jet. What I'm sorry, guys, you know, go to playboy Danny on right now.

There's a Playboy Mansion, yeah, I think, so it's along the coast it's, where I'm at where are we going to parachute at into this bad? Boy, sure man this jet is pleased, yeah. I don't want to get rid of it. I, really like it. Furthermore, I know, I see you, yeah, I landed. My plane all right slow down the. Engines you hear you land on the building I don't, so we're just going getting hot blazing.

Yeah, landing on top of do, you know if there's anything done? Oh, I'm. Sorry, is there anything actually cool with this place? I, don't know, I've never been there. You can go inside laser corn.

Was. Pick me up is what prestige tiger just said, what is that say he said, let's, kick laser. Corns ass feel like prestige. Tiger is that fit.

Wait I'll. Take him up and kill him. I'll, add another mountain I'm, king of mountain laughs. This is definitely not the playboy me, Oh, No, oven. You blind bastard. Oh, we want to kill my friend that's the way damn it.

He got you. Yeah, I was killing him. Do we have to go kill this guy? Now, yeah, I think, well you better far though got his bounty. Oh, you got him. Yeah, I got him work smart, you know, we should do is just kill this guy, repeatedly because. He kind of invaded our game.

I killed him. Basis killed him phase. One wants to kill him. Oh, I sent mercenaries to kill him, Oh, God, here's.

What happened? He sent. Me a text message saying, you're next, which I didn't really know what that meant, so I, just assumed a guy that I didn't, send mercenaries to kill him. Well, it's sowing, G's, turn, I. Guess, no.

No more killing random. Innocent people he's. Not is definitely not right ash or attachment, no I'm tired of all the violence, I'm going to retire to like a life of like solidarity in the woods. Oh, come on Joe man that just seems stupid you're going to retire alone in the woods. Uh, they're, not old enough to retire.

Masturbate. We go masturbate in the woods. How is that going to solve anymore? Girl, first things, first things, first, I, hope, you're, not already mask. First things, first, zip, where did I park? My plane? Oh, dude, Yvonne.

What the was that oven? Are you all right? Yeah, booth. Well, your planes, no longer plane my plane, isn't, yeah, oh I. Might've accidentally. Yeah, I had sticky bombs on it. I was trying to hit down on the map.

So I can say, oven, here's, a nice place to retire. This place has a pool. Why - I'm just I'm, not. Retiring I'm saying, I found a pleasant place with a pool, dude, piss. What have you done to the panther? First he's prestige, hey, you're. The prestige tiger he's pissed I've killed him.

A couple of times. You've killed me a couple of times as well. I can't find my way out of this hellhole, what how old this stupid outdoor mall that us? Ha, ha. Ha. Ha, can't, find the way out, hey, I'm, trapped in the maze, wasn't there, a lumberjack city or something want to be electric. Yeah, I'm going to be a lumberjack y-you know what.

These guys I'm retiring with you, oh man, even an awesome retire. Vehicle, I know, it is a retirement vehicle. Yeah, no red light crisis. All right, that's. What a lumberjack slave. Christ.

Okay, don't break it's. To retire movie. Oh, Maori, Maori, Maori, yes, come retire with it. Uh, there's.

A lot of hookers around here. Retire with hookers, whoa, hey, tree. Oh man, that was a grower, bobsledding GPA with a bobsled team. We have a bobsled team Arabella's having trouble. Oh, wait.

Did you just kill a pretty prestige tiger? No I didn't, oh, oh I did I suicided him before, but I want to kill him I killed myself - listen to yourself talk. Yes, you know, what is not a healthy lifestyle?

You know, we are you retiring - yeah, in , come on. He says, let's be friends and killed a rat.

No, no I'm going to send him a message that says, okay, and I'm gonna shock on them in the face hahaha that sounds a lot of kind of like laser. Corny, right? I could do that kind of thing laser cornea this that I've invented as you didn't know, what is this up. Here, these houses in the hills, oh yeah, this is already retirement home, and he's dead.

Okay. Now to get out of here quickly before he responds with his rocket launcher, we respond, and I'm running. What is this place? I, don't know, it's my new home. This is our a pretty good place to retire it.

This could be our summer retirement home, hey, hey, he's, coming after me, we can't help you we've retired. Okay, here we go here's our home. Okay, hey. Guys. Come on retirement. Now. Look at our new home.

It is beautiful I'm. Coming to you and I hope he follows you and wrecks everything. No, no are you stay away from our vacation? Yeah, all right. New plan. Get away from this pace. Laser corn let's, send him a text saying attack so Hank and oven.

No, you got to do that he's probably pissed at me. Hey, Dino prestige, Tiger has a rocket launcher. Yes.

He do I'm very sure of that as bad news analysis, we both exploded new plan, Mari we're crashing their retirement let's. Does it doesn't crash? Our time finish your Condor retirement yet you. Can't crash it before we've gotten to our retire. Yeah, you can't. You can't crash. A retirement period, right?

Crashing your guy's retirement. You haven't even retired. Yet we haven't found our village where's, the village I, forget, oh, I know where it's at the right will be coming up in a little. So Iggy try faster. Oh my, oh, my I realize you guys I'm going to miss you guys, no I. Miss, you guys, too. No, no, oh, sorry.

A retired. Pastor just duck. We spread a party. Sounds pretty good. Actually, oh, no.

Mari. Do not join.Then in their retirement don't worry, my own sort of no, no, um. So he what the white thought is here? What are you guys doing? Nothing?

Go away. Oh, God. Alright, take this road. Take this road.

Oh, my god, they're here, oh god, they're here, uh, I'm in the water, oh boat car. Oh, yeah. I got out no boat Scott for me.

You guys look like you're in a car commercial. Oh, you are a terrible stunt driver it's been a big engine, I know where we are you promise, I will kill you're, not right. Look it's, right in front. Of us. This is not a lumberjack.

You son of a , all right I'm driving back into the mountains. No bear that way though put a bounty of $9,000 on me, Oh, No, Oh Christi's tiger did that. Yeah, one castle I'm gonna to come and kill you get Atari, get that bounty. Whoa. Look at this. This is beautiful I told you it was here.

This is not the lumberjack look it's, right there. Oh, um. Get back in the car get back in the car.

So Windy. So inky get back in the car. I got this me and hot, but you're, not Oh leaving the. Area it's beautiful. This is what time it's all about right.

Nah, venues, yeah, are you guys on the same place over here? Honey, yeah, I see I. See someone on radar, not answer any questions. I'm. Only enjoying my view.

This is what it's about crashing your retirement boys Oh God. We can go crashing. Yeah, Oh No.

So inky, as soon as this car stops we're dead, oh isn't it. Yet yes, he's in a jet all right, we're going we're making a classic move. Hey, there's, a river down here making drastic move. Oh, this is.

This is not good I, don't know what they're doing no anybody screams our car? Oh, my god they're in a marinara are they in the river. Thanks for spotting them for me? Mark what's. The plan just follow me.

Oh, are they Oh God? Oh yeah, grass, looks I think they don't have a vehicle right now. Yes, yes. Yes. Salvation. Thanks for picking me up, I'm, really stranded out here.

Yep, I think, this is the right by casual that's. Not what is? Oh, this is the opposite of okay, dude, I'm hanging out the side, I'm, ready to rock.

Dammit so he worried what it says you bound to me, I, see a sheriff's vehicle right here, really, okay, let's, grab it. This is oh they're coming up behind us. Why'd you guys to track the cops because you're, not in retirement like us again, it's that other douchey player shoot him?

If you see it Mario those the cops of your life, oh, it was awesome. Slo-mo. Oh, good.

No keep going keep going they're here. We need a faster car little old, faithful July old spit olive oil. Oh boy, they are going so much.

Faster now I got there they're going up. They are going up, oh, no, Kevin shoots out the back of them. No, that's, that's, the opposite of retirement.

Yeah, you all right. Oh, wait. Yeah, we're we're all side of it though we have to get over the wall. We have up to retire rock. We're so close. This is gonna work Java retirement.

Yeah, retirement I got your sticky bomb. Hey, you're shooting at me, that's, not very retiring I have to get him off of me gentlemen, retire for me tie or a higher for me. Joanne. Yes. It was so sexy.

I. Saved you selling key. My dad I avenged, you where are you going Devon, what no no no are you driving don't? Mind me, don't. Mind me, retired, I, how's, your tire. Okay.

Okay. Parachute up here. Oh, I. Think they want me to cliff jump. I prevented retirements I'm going cliff jumping, oh, oh, my god I'm watching you do it? No now. This is how you retire cruising over the valley, I'm, a parachute, what's, your recovery team.

You guys had the right of it I just want to relax. Enjoy the activities that I love I hate. You one day. We'll actually be able to retire from this life of crime and shenanigans, but today's, not that day. Go ahead and click right here to watch the other time, which trying to get away from everything going a little vacation in GTS, or if you're feeling violent go to watch. The honest gaming. Trailer of MORTAL KOMBAT.

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