Skyrim Gameplay - No Mercy {Final} Stendarr's Blessed Chalice {Gameplay And Live Commentary By FRED}

So well, I guess I'll just take all of that. Why am I in here all right? Let's do this what the was that? Um, I think my other one was better when I got it, though, but I'll take that because the one I was going to forge out of iron was only a 12., oh . Ah, I can't believe I hit him with that. No . It bring it on now, well, hey, sexy, monkey, oh . Here we go. Oh, . Come on face. Take you out the game. No, I didn't want that I'll take those, but .

This phone, no. Man, wait a second, yeah, hold on what am I doing? How dare me how dare me? Where did it go?

I totally forgot about this. Don't worry, guys, it's going to be a long video, , yes, let's get in this chest. I'll, take all of it. Yeah, are just getting up in this place. I got a lot of those. I can't, wait to see what this thing summons. Furthermore, I hope it's something ridiculous.

Oh, my god just summon wolves. Those are wolves what the are those giant , what the all. Right homie hold on.

Wow, couldn't. See after all that fire damn get the out of my way, giant ass skeeters. Some things are huge just cut through enemies. Damn how the did a leg or a foot end up way over there. All right just so I know it's a big circle. Oh , oh what's up buddy, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Damn kill. The father, oh , I'll. Take it I'll. Take it I'll. Take it I'll. Take it and all this gold.

Jesus. Man. Do you see how much all that was the blessed dagger?

What the is this. I'll take that to no not interested. But I am interested in this anything else worth my while all right let's get the out here. So let me guys let me guys.

Let me know what you guys think about the quest. Um, I know this is just the first one of four. So of course, they all branch out too, and they get a little bigger.

So I think it's, pretty , awesome. The last one has seven different quests to complete it. So crazed sewer dweller. What was that damn homeboy got up. I don't want that , it's, , nasty, eating skeeters. I don't think.

So I don't know what the is going on. But I have no idea if when oh , oh . That was , awesome, what the that's. What that was damn just look like jellyfish?

Right? Oh, my god, man, that was , badass. I don't care what you say all right what's under here. I have to see what's down here, I'm a , Armenian. Furthermore, I can breathe in the water. Nothing?

Damn. It makes all that and there's. Nothing there all right. Let's get the out of dodge what the is this nothing, oh, a nice little entrance. What the hell? No it's, actually pretty badass, oh, no, is there anything up here? No, the chapel.

Well, that was pretty . Cool. No.

Now I really wish I had a horse. So you guys, let me know would you rather see me? Fast travel or, um or walk? Do you want the video to actually just be shorter or do you want to see all the gameplay that I do? I don't mind playing. I don't mind, uh, keeping all the gameplay in it just means a. Little more editing, but if you guys don't mind seeing it, I don't mind, keeping it, where are you going?

I want to talk hope, you know what you're doing with those flame this. I wish I could head to one of the cabins all right as long as I just discovered. If I'm I'm, good with that. I could come back let's actually, see where I'm headed. How about that all right? Guys?

I think we're going to fast travel this one all right, that's, a journey, holy , yeah, that's a journey, we're, definitely going too fast. Travel, oh, . Alright, so we have to walk through this one.

I don't think it'll be that far, though see what uh, the , try not to set anything on fire. You speak to a vigilant of standard cavort with any Sandra. And we will hunt you down what yes. Our order was founded after the oblivion crisis.

We dedicate our lives to facing the threat of Sandra wherever they appear we're quartered in the hall of the vigilant keeper, cassette, heads, Skyrim's branch of our order there providing healing and justice. As needed well, that's where I'm going and any other abominations that prey on mortals vampires werewolves witches, but Sandra are the worst their callous disregard for our lives is abhorrent in the eyes of the god of mercy. All right. We don't need to ask who's standard standards. Oh, , .

You saber cat. It's. All good music, be chill. The , music, didn't, even know how to react that killed him. So quickly that's what Fred lee does. I kill . I also get killed in the process.

Sometimes that's, , badass, oh, , no, no, no, no, no, no I'm about to get up. Oh, yes, that was dope. That was the , .

I don't care what you say all right it's time for that to go back to its place on my back. What are you doing that was , awesome. And what is this? I want this. I want this. Furthermore, I don't want to steal it, but I want it standard's mercy, be upon you for the vigil has none to spam all right guys?

Well that was no mercy. I hope you guys enjoyed it. The vigil of. Stendar will cast them into the light, and I could always come back and heal here and things like that.

So if you guys, uh, if you guys play Skyrim on pc man, this is a pretty cool question, and I'll, let, you know what the next one is when I post it has a good one guys. My name is Fred later,

  • 18-Apr-2022

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