Problem 4 Motion Map

I'm going to use two seconds, it's, the time tech, and we're going to make the six 25 meters and make the tick marks here, 25 meters apart. So I, actually, went ahead and labeled that. And now let's see what we're doing here I'm going to choose a different color, see, no I'm. This is going to make this orange and I want to be able to draw on this guy. Here also in orange tangerine was sorry. So what that means is for the sake of this motion map, I want to get my papers line up here.

Good, two seconds were 154. Seconds at 306 second time at 450 right, yeah. So I'd start off at zero. A little dot there, two seconds I'd be at 153 seconds. Sorry. At 4 seconds, I'd be at 300. And at six seconds I'd be at 450, then at eight seconds I'll be at 500 and at 10 seconds at 550 so 505, 50 bets.

So this is 0 seconds. Two seconds, four seconds, six seconds, eight seconds, ten seconds and then, um at 12 seconds. I'll also be at 515 at 14 seconds I'll be at 550.

So then 12 and 14 and 14 I'll, draw it going backwards because it looks like. We're heading back that way, and then it's 14, 16 seconds I'll be at 500 sorry, no at 16 seconds. So this is 14 seconds, 15 seconds, 16 seconds, I'm going to be at 450, so I'll draw that here, and then at 18 seconds at 350.

And finally, when I look at 20 seconds here, I will be at the 250-meter mark right there. So that's, how I do the motion map for this problem? This is a really horrible issue. I would never do an appraisal on something like this.

And so I apologize for its lengthen its difficulty. This would. Probably be about the hardest father's.

The thing I could ever ask you in the history of physics, and it would never make it on an exam alrighty. So I hope that's a little more helpful and in the next video will do next haiku page, I'll actually do appraisal. Five practice, appraisal, five.

  • 21-Mar-2022

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