Lost Trail OHV Idaho - Jeep Wheeling The Owyhee Front

Made it to our wheeling spot I'm going to check it out? Um, yeah. The wadi's here it's cold today, it's, like it was 14 15 degrees when I was coming out here, so it's cold, no snow. But so they call this the lost trail. Yeah, I can see why there's like no pointers out here. Nothing it all looks kind of the same. Nothing good.

So maybe you have to get lost to find something good. Um, yeah, looks like I'm. Going to go get lost now out here, stay tuned. So it came from way over there came up this little ledger hill and.

Then I think my trail, just keeps going that way. And in between the little mountains there, so we'll go over there, we'll check it out. So I could go one of three ways left straight or up that way to the right that way it looks a little more interesting.

I have to do that. Good thing is I'm dropping little breadcrumbs as we go on the Navy. So worst case scenario, I trace my steps back and continue on this way, haven't run into anyone which is kind of weird, maybe because it's cold, uh, like I said, That guy reads about five six degrees warmer than it actually is so possibly it being so cold people are staying in. I don't know, kind of hope I can run someone asked some questions. So it looks like I'm on the right trail from all the other videos. This is like the first kind of little obstacle.

You can see most people choose to go up that way. I'm going to see if I could snake it between here and place. This camera never does justice. But if I can position, my driver's side tire there passenger on.

This ledge and kind of go right down the pike. So that was a lot easier than I anticipated. It looked like especially being alone. I was like, oh man, if I get high centered on that thing, it's going to suck I'm going to have to be trying to wedge myself off, grab my, um high lift jack and start trying to get all fancy with it. But no, you know, the four low and lockers came in clutch so off.

We go so good. This is a lot different from what I'm used to in Washington it's, drier, colder. But the mud is so much.

Grippier the rock is nice and dry, so you're, not fighting any, um moisture on it. So attractions a lot better. But just out here, it's high plain desert.

The waters are right back there. You can see them some snow we'll, keep this video short. But this is this turned out to be kind of cool, there's one more little obstacle. Here I'm going to go for guys. Thanks for watching.

I appreciate every like every comment every share I'm trying to grow this channel into something uh, something big. And without your guys. Help this won't be possible, uh, it sounds funny because everyone says that, but seriously, every like every share, every subscription, every comment adds to it every search just because that's how the algorithm works. And I got big plans coming there are things in the background that I'm already working on trying to get things started something big bigger than this new build. And without you guys without the support, I won't be able to do it.

So please help me get started help me get off the ground. With this stuff, and I really appreciate every like everything guys. So, uh, thank you and uh, yeah, hopefully we get to do more of this. So see you later, guys.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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