Let's Play Skyrim: Part 36: Psijic Order

Hello, again, everyone last time we were about to investigate south door. And these guys got in before me, even though it was only going to allow me if there was a key. There was an alarm or something going off in the house.

Oh, my gosh, I'm, not getting up I'm. Not turning it off. It goes off like over 15 minutes, I don't, even know, not 15 minutes, but like twice a day twice at night, too or just a famous all right. Someone's going to turn it off. Don't worry about it. Hopefully, oh, this is safe and a rails or anything.

That's a lawsuit, yeah, well, there's something better turn that off I don't, even know these people home where. But it was only interested in the problems of magical seals placed on the tombs here. Yeah, although unlike anything we've encountered that's weird, okay, oh, shut it off.

Well, why don't you see if you can now start on your game, he's, one of our scholars. Yeah, working on cataloging all fines, how I expect he'd appreciate some help in them and I would appreciate some help I would appreciate some. Help from time to time Oh lips are they doing? What does that one person? Okay, haha. You guys get to do nothing Oh wrong way.

Oh, okay. Haha, I know where I'm going be sure that I know that alarm better shut up for break it on all my walls in my house. Ah, okay. It's up ruin. What's up. Big ruined I was that shortcut did I just take a big shortcut.

It felt like the right thing to do. No uh-uh totally missed. If I probably hurt I, ran right into those wooden pillars out I can't, something sorry, I, don't know what.It might have been important. How do I get out of here? Okay, it's all good. You guys I'm, not stuck anymore. You don't worry, oh, there's.

Another staircase over their dads, helpful, okay, I'm stuck on a rock. What is happening here? Oh my, gosh. Ah, this is dangerous. Now I know why there are bridges and stuff I place sucks? What is this? Oh, hey, take forever to sit through all this.

Yeah, nice hair. Yes, you yeah, I. Remember, you're going to help apparently it's, fine just don't make a mess of my work. Yeah, I. Don't work such no, no, no.

You can go just know, you'll know, tribal all right. We don't want to damage anything. Yeah, whatever just round up the rest of the metrical ornament. Okay, I'll do that where are they therebeing? Once I think looks like God's, a necklace Emily. Okay.

Where's. The other one was hunted downstairs. There's a gate. There, oh, whoa, who's that bracket I, don't know, I just noticed his gate dropping me in here. What did you do? 12? Dare oh I, pulled it amulet off the wall?

Maybe it was my phone. Yeah. Maybe I doubt it. They better give me some awesome perks. What you do what you do amulet Talks amulet, it can't be it. What is it Earth?

All amulet? Of course, the place that we are in one I, don't know where it is everything all right, I, can't, find it all right? Then, yeah, everything's all right got to find the amulet in right inventory. Real quick. Sorry, yeah. How do I get in there?

This isn't funny, talk there, pull the switch up. He was assault on a minute. Okay.

So I thought, amulet that what it's called. Right there found it spells cast three percent less cast three percent sucks. Talk there what's happening. Okay. What do you do? Oh, my spells no problem.

Ah, I'm. The man woman, I'm. The woman just a woman. Okay, let's. Go what's. This place, twelve, dear, you coming talk.

There I, don't want to do this on my own come on Thanks. Good. You are snow. You guys had the same haircut. Almost let's. Go come on oldie, make oldest and helpful here. Yeah.

Did you see that supposed? Yeah, be somewhere. Yeah. Let's. Let's. Come on. It'd be fun.

This just going further into a sacred, hold ethanol. Okay. What is so significant I understand what we're supposed to do here? Okay? Do you understand told there hurry up and get in here? Because I haven't feeling I, can't do anything in here all right, apothecaries, satchel. What in stool Oh tundra, cotton, I, love cotton.

Why in the world there's a whole world is the tundra I, don't know? What is it told Terry you're telling me, I, don't know, what's going? What is that noise you hear that it's? Just the.12-Time the music of the things I'm caption or what to it. Yeah, what is this? What is happening?

Let it up? What is that you guys? Who are, you know that you cannot be stopped? No, you stopped everything what is happening right now, no way. How do you control time? Judge I want to know be passed on I don't like be judged, especially not like the testing kind, no, no, no, no, no stay because the city. Oh, no, oh, ok.

They wouldn't have taken you who the city Golda. Yes, a take great care. But you nothing's happened. Yet it sounds like you of the potential are you cross-eyed sounds like no, you take care of it.

You guys see that do what just happened. Swear, I felt something what you didn't see all that Lydia back me up here. What some sort of yeah, wasn't, really a ghost.

It was a guy person what you saw, um, he said, something about danger ahead. Indecision order, yeah. He didn't reach what it is very odd. You know, what's even odder to enjoy her head that he stopped time since at all to tell me that I moss of no.

Connection to these ruins really no ones, you don't even know anything about him. You haven't even been down here with the hell. You talked you out, of course, they're connected. These coffins, what no that's weird. No, you be careful through its odd. Why is acidic order contact Marie matrix with her history? Yeah, yeah.

We punish they had their own Island, that's, pretty sweet. So why do they contact Noah the Isle of our time I'm, not here to rock? And yet now, yeah, there's. Nothing I, don't know, one people. Sometimes talk to me that might have messing things up man, okay. How do we do?

What is? What do we do? Lydia? Ah, no. Okay. You take care of it. Okay, I'll stare at it out there.

I would tap, whoa, whoa. Don't. You come from my side like that don't you do it.

Oh my gosh. Okay. Come on just take it. All right. Lightning is awesome.

Yeah, prepared always prepared what's that thing on the wall. So fire damages. Oh, let's.

Go. Wow. That takes all my magic to do that. I am NOT very powerful. Come on. Okay.

Get out of my way. Now out of the word come on go out of work, I need to give value Lydia kill. This thing get out of my way this dear fire. Oh woman, you astronaut, you know, my BA, this is I'm leaving it doesn't matter you take care of it. Then I'm, fine let's.

Just talk there. Go in their die of old age. Okay, Lydia. You are creating the same problem.

Ah, I'm done. Okay. Okay. Thank god.

They moved what's up I'm. So sick, I, don't know if you realize that Andrew so be prepared to defend her, okay, I'm very prepared. We established this. There's, not a time in my life, where I'm not prepared okay, Oh switch active. It essentially a lever.

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