How To Solo Mythic Eonar The Life-Binder 9.0.5

Er9 mythic has some requirements, including being very precise with your timing on how you do things as well as where you get to places. This may take you many attempts or hours to complete that said, let's go over it, 170 passive movement speed before any external effects is what I'd recommend. I personally slotted in the straddling gems from BFA as well as shadow lens as well as additional one socket. I then enchanted my cloak with fortified speed, giving me another three percent base cap movement. Speed is 30 feet line.

Swiftness gives 15 percent which does not stack with boots. And I used oath of the elder druid legendary, which gives 12 movement speed to feline swiftness. So I have about 47 percent movement speed here that other classes will not have. I use short shape form.

You will also need to bring some fried bone fish. This gives you movement speed on kill as well as potions of psycho pomp speed. You will also need to either have a blink leap charge or a short range teleport like.

Transcendence, or an immunity that out of the way let us begin as soon as you start the fight, you will use your extra action button and immediately go into the middle. You will proceed to kill everything that spawns there. As soon as you see, the destructive spawn that is your q that six more sets of dogs will come followed by the par axis, starting to cast reigns of fell as soon as you see this, you will go to the upper section and kill the destructor as well as the guard that spawns up there as fast. As possible, then you will jump down and go straight into par axis as soon as the teleworkers appear. You will then engage the inquisitor, but you will wait for the crystal's colors to change.

If you do not wait, they will bug out after killing the inquisitor. You want to interact with the crystals. You will be able to move as well as use abilities while interacting with them. Furthermore, you will want to end on the side that has the pillars in the center, make sure you grab them in order that allows for this grab.

The red one fourth here for being in line with the guide otherwise, grab it where you feel most comfortable that you can handle the knock-ups exit, the par axis as soon as possible immediately, kill the dogs that are attacking her then attack the purifier and kill the dogs running in from the ramps as fast as possible. You must kill the purifier and all, but two of the dogs you. And I will then cast and kill all remaining enemies. You will need honor's health to be at about 60 percent here. If it is any. Lower you may want to be set when sonar does her cast.

You want to head back to the lower section. You will be knocked up on your way to counter. This knock-up. There are circular pillars around.

You want to run up against one of them. And the little lip will catch you and stop you from being knocked up into the air. When you get to the lower section, you will kill the destructor Intel god and all the dogs you do not let a single one pass to after this. If you took the red crystal forth, you will not be.Knocked up until all the dogs are dead by that point, you'd be heading to the middle and usually can get to the pillar to mitigate this. You then want to kill the purifier and the few gods that are coming from the middle. The few guides aren't too much of a rush. But you want to kill the purifier you then want to head over to the air ramp.

If you killed them fast enough to go up toward the upper section, if you did not kill them fast enough, you want to head over to Danae and kill the dogs as they're. Heading down the stairs you do want all of these dogs to die before you head into the par axis. You will then go and engage the inquisitor just like the first one you will wait until the crystals turn color before you kill him. You will be knocked up in this par axis. I advise catching yourself on an edge or a lantern. It is fine.

If you get fully knocked up you're, not too far on the timer as long as you beat final doom, you are fine in this one. So you want to save your soul shape form. No matter what. For the next one, but you will want to use your portion of cycle pump speed in here.

After completing the crystals you will again want to head out of the par axis as fast as possible. And then you will want to use your extra action ability and get to Lanai once you're at IAN. I just want a pillar hump and wait for all the bats to come down. If you have a knock back the bats, you will want to watch the purifier that is coming from the bottom side. Once the purifier gets onto the platform. You will want to kill one of the bats here.

This will trigger eons cast the purifier coming up to this platform is a signifier that all the bats in the sky are about to be finished spawning. And that means when IAN I is finished casting the bats are finished spawning up there and are all included in her kill. Now you will just wait at the backside of Diana until the par axis teleworkers are up again.

As soon as they are go in engage the inquisitor and wait for the crystals to change color before. Killing him now you will want to grab the red crystal here first, and you will want to use any movement speed ability. You have. I use stampeding Roy as soon as you get the first knock up, you want to use shore, shape form to get to the ground immediately proceed to the next crystals while doing the circle again, making sure to end on the side with the pillars, using short shaped blank for the knock-ups after finishing the crystal's head out of the praxis. You will go to the dogs that are in the lower. Section right now you will have to mitigate a knock-up here.

You will want to kill the first four dogs and try to cc as large of a group if possible of the other mobs with any cc that you can, you will then want to go to the middle and kill the obstructor as soon as possible. You can ignore the few guards since they do less damage to enough than the dogs do in total. I killed five dogs. One fell guide. And then I waited for the bats to finish spawning and killed one more foul guard and one dog that is.

A total of eight mobs, so you can kill seven and then wait for the final one to trigger the cast instead of killing two like I did, uh after this, you will need to go up the stairs and kill the obstructor and purifier that are coming from the top with some drive-by damage. And then you will be knocked up around the middle section here. You want to use your extra action button.

As soon as you get locked up and head to the middle where you first entered, you will then want to kill the few guard. And. Destructor that spawn here you have to kill both, you will be knocked up various times. This is a perfect time for any sort of immunity as much mitigation for that.

Knock-Up is possible. Time is of the essence you have to kill them before final doom gets off if you manage to finish this. Congratulations, I hope this was at least somewhat helpful in your endeavors to try and solo myth icky. And I, in addition to make sure the audio and the visuals on screen matched up.

I had to cut out some information. That would be helpful. This is when IAN I is casting if you kill any mobs, she will not get energy from the mobs you killed.

But if she kills them with the cash, she gets energy. This is why it is very important, not to kill more mobs. You can kill one extra mob by mistake, but that's about it. Lastly, when you leave the par axis, sometimes when you go down to ENI, you will be teleported back up to the par axis.

I have no idea what causes this bug. I will add some links in the description of other classes that. Have done it otherwise, I will see you guys in the next video.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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