How To Fix Jello No Bake Cheesecake (With An Oreo Twist)

So here is the box for the Cheesecake that I'll be making for this recipe, you'll need a mixing bowl a pie pan of your choice. I chose to use the glass. One, the jello, no bake classic cheesecake box with all the ingredients. In packs, you've got your custom eggs and your field mix together you'll. They will require two tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of butter melted and 1 and 1/2 cups of cold milk. Also, you might see over to the right that I have an ingredient in a teaspoon, and so I've decided to. Use 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla, just to give it that extra jump and that's, what you'll need all right.

So let's get started going to make the crust mix first that's number one out of the box. Go ahead and put the crust mix in the pie pan, I'm taking forever. Here you all add your sugar and your butter melted butter here, I'm just gonna kind of stroll through it with the spoon I could actually go ahead and start working it with my hands that might be something you prefer. So now I'll start mixing it with my. Hands because remember you are making a crust here, here's money, eventually need to use your hand is it did your piercing of it out that seemed good Oh, hidden blender mix and the sugar and butter together to get it close. Yeah. These were some start.

We found that big chicken and the mac interior forming hidden start had already turned the Senate and fishnet towards two sides, a tail or just won't pass hand yet as well as highlight slow as you want it. The only one in on the bottom and only put on the. Bottom if you want on the side son press firmly on besides this with it's been a while since I've made one of these, but I do remember what time to bear their baby like your handle cheesecake? In fact, they don't truly taste like 30 say, it's, pretty much on time. Okay. So I'm going to give it a couple of pushes their christen it down. Alright, so here is the filling mix go ahead and wash my hands again, because this all right so filling this number two as the Chris mix with number one, filling mix in.

Solitude and I forgot that I should actually go on and do my Oreo cookie bits. So that's, what I'm doing here? Go ahead and shift a little. Go ahead and get some of these cookies. Broken up. Now I did see I'm in the kitchen with Gina young.

She actually took the time to order I'll say, slice I'm, not cutting. But she actually took the time to slice, hers I think maybe instances or fours or something, but me I'm just kind of taking this shortcut and breaking them up, which is not always the best thing. When you're trying to get them search for a certain size, I'm, usually smaller, you have to do more now as you can see, I have a chopper smaller than what they are there any true in the kitchen.

But any other rules there, though, but you can kind of get away we transfer fires over in the kitchen. If you hear the raindrops, our roof, I do apologize for that started pouring, and I was beginning. This voice over. Alright. So here's, the filling mix I poured the filling in the one and a half cups of cold milk of. Course, that's all you need for the filling mix I've disappeared on you, and I've returned to go ahead and start lightly stirring it.

Now, you're actually supposed to blend this or mix it. But I'm just going to go with my self as the blender or mixer. Alright? And as I stir this, it should begin to get firm as it has. So you can tell there it's more like a pudding I think reminds me somewhat of the consistency of a banana pudding like the filling for the banana pudding. So it'll get a little more clean taste. Anything that he is even similar I'll say, he pretty much claims.

So here I am talking about my sister's, not a cheese. He hates anything with cream cheese. So this is what I'm explaining. And then, of course, the fact that it's going to have the Oreos in it.

He loves Oreos. And so it just kind of takes his mind off of the possibility of this being anywhere near the original cheesecake. So you all give it here.

I am dropping in a few of the Oreo bites and folded them in quickly, see how many you like how small. Big and what hit so here I am about to begin spending in the bill step into the end scrape that mixing bowl and get as much of it as you can out of it, we'll hit it again, spreading it. It spread.

It evenly you here, I'm actually going to what I call crumble like, truly crumble it. Some leftover Oreo pieces because odd for my topping, I don't, like big, chunky pieces. So trying to crumble it up as much as I can besides it looks good to the nothing like a yummy enticing, topping all right. Okay. So.

I'm finishing up here, I do a little more farms, what a topping. And if you're a true, Oreo lover, you'll love, this like dessert as I said, it's, not a true cheesecake. You can't, truly taste, any kind of cream cheese in it.

And here it is all that deliciousness and a directions call for it to be placed in the refrigerator for one hour. And that is it simple and delicious. When I try something different very like jello, no bake cheesecake.

And you could do the same thing with strawberries blueberries or. Any other fruit or the cookie that you'd like to actually put in this feeling, yeah, I'm sure it will be tasty. No matter what you choose to be sure to follow me on my other social media, platforms I'm, probably more active on Snapchat. And it is at three shades of k, spelled out. And then the K is capital. And here are a few of my snaps from last night.

Y'all already know, I was throwing out in the kitchen baked chicken. We had a small part of a cabbage left from the other night, so I cook that, and I also cook. Mac and cheese, my husband doesn't eat mac and cheese.

So he'll just be eating the cabbage with his chicken. And of course, I had to snap this tasty dessert. And as always thanks for watching don't, forget when no one else will be your own cheerleader, you all know, the risk create your own sunshine. Diana next upload.

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