Glock 17 Gen. 4 Range Report

Hey, guys, what's going on. This is travesty 11 I'd like to welcome you back to the channel. Well, no surprises today. Guys we're going to take a good old-fashioned, Glock, 17, Gen, 4 out to the range, just to see what kind of accuracy. You can expect at the box with no modifications. We'll probably be shooting in increments of 5 feed all the way out to say, oh, I, don't know, maybe 25 yards or so not going to go too crazy, we'll be shooting federal champion brass ammunition 115 grain, Full, Metal, Jacket, again, Just your basic new manufacturer, ammo again, just to kind of show you what you can expect, and then we'll, go ahead and move on over and shoot some steel targets, too, so I'm, hoping I can choose this gun accurately, I've owned it. For nearly 3 years, I, wouldn't say, I, put a ton around through it, but I fired that they get to the range several times bit of a bittersweet moment for me because I will be selling this Glock 17 to my best friend he and his wife have gotten into firearms a little and his.

Wife loves to shoot 217. She suits it really well groups, well with it, and she wants to buy this one. So that's, fine with me. This couldn't put me back in the market for a lot of options, and I wasn't sure exactly which way to go I might go with a g17 with the MAUs place, the module optical system place in the back and add some kind of red dot down the road. Then pardon me would like to go with the OD green and black I. Just think that color combination looks really cool.

Just in my opinion. So there's. A lot of options out there, there's, some custom options that are out there and so on. And so I will give you guys a video update as soon as I order, the replacement for this pistol, because this has been my trusty bedside gun for last couple years range gun, that's kind of a truck gun travel, guns, kind of my go-to, it's been all around nothing, but reliable by the way it is a USA. Manufacture Glock, 17, okay, made in Georgia had no problems whatsoever. So if there are any rumors out there about junk blocks.

Coming out of Georgia, I, don't think they're true never had a issue that finishes holding up perfectly on. If I don't have any weird or excessive wear going on no issues with the trigger. It just works.

You know, it's not fancy, but it just works. So there you go all right, guys, let's, go and take the g17 to the range and see what you can do. Alright, guys, let's. Go ahead and get right to a Glock. 17 115 gray in federal Full, Metal, Jacket, ammo on not going to go out as far as they did with that. Glock 34, we've got 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 30, 35 and 40 feet I'll, be doing groups of three or four haven't decided yet on each target. And again, just to see what kind of accuracy you can expect out of the box with a Glock 17.

And here we go all right so let's, go and check that group out just I, don't know if it's me maybe I do need to adjust the rear side on the Glock 17, but I tend to shoot a little to the left I was aiming off to the right, but that's great all right. Five feet. No problems.

Ten feet. We're looking at about an inch one, two, three, okay, nice group. Take it out to 15 feet.

Okay, we're looking at a little over an inch, a group of three now it's high in to the left, which is unusual. But when we go to 20 feet, same situation, all right. So again, I have a tendency I'm going to need to aim a little more to the right that, or possibly I need to change my stance, a little I'm, trying to be careful with my trigger placement. All right, let's. Go ahead and take care of 25 through 40 feet.

Okay, guys. So. This is one of those times when I might be calling on you viewers to help me out a little here and see what's going on I'm trying to keep the most neutral grip, I can the most neutral trigger placement.

I can one two three to twenty-five feet all right. And then thirty-one, two, three four that or I, pulled my fourth shot, I, don't think, so I think I did four shots on that target all right. And then 35 feet one, two, three and forty feet one. And then I have no idea where the rest of them win. So. Probably to the left somewhere in there. So again, I think I've seen to practice a little you guys, let me know what is your?

What is your accuracy when it comes to using the Glock 17? How far out can you hit a tight group, or where does your group? Go I'm kind of curious? Because now this is the same situation I had with the Glock 34, and it's got to be my grip. It's got to be my trigger pole. I must be pulling the Epistle to the left a little. So that's, what I've got for accuracy from 25 through.30, 40 feet I'm, not disappointed, at least I know within 20 feet or 25 feet.

If I had to use it to defend myself, or even 30 I'm going to be good to go all right, 10 yards. So there we go guys all right. Let's. Go over shoot some steel all right. Okay.

So before we shoot some steel, my stepfather rich here is going to take a few shots with a Glock 17 for the first time we're just going 10 feet. A nice defensive distance, just do the whole mag. Okay, like I said, remember what we remember about the trigger.

You're going to feel some resistance, and then it's going to break, and it should be pretty much 10 feet. You should be able to get bull's-eyes. Alright, man. Do it all right? All done case you clear all right? Man. So what do you think?

Well, that's pretty pleasant. Yeah, you did pretty good on your shooting over there, let's check out your group. Come on up. Alright. So for the first time every student Glock, 17, again, ten feet, no practice with the trigger beforehand get a bulb leather. Oh, not bad.

Alright, so you ready. Pick one up, yeah, all right? Right? All right?

Let's move over the steel. Good, got it yup, gay spinning ten wheels of death from about 15 feet. No, mm-hmm, yeah, all right guys? Well that pretty much wraps up this range trip.

Um, if there are a couple of things, this range trip taught me. It taught me number one, but it's only needing a little of training and practice with the Glock 17 to be more accurate. And number two, it shows me what my true combat accuracy would be. And it kind of lets me know what the. Limits of this pistol are if I had used in the self-defense situation, I do want to apologize for the blurriness of the shooting scenes, where I was shooting the pistol. This is the camera that I've been using for the last couple of hundred videos.

And this is this guy right here is generally the one that gets used like when I'm shooting gongs and steel targets and stuff. It got hit with shrapnel, pretty bad during the SIG Sauer m400 test some splash damage coming off. The steel I was shooting at and. It hit the lens and the Tad's focus issues ever since then.

So the good news is that I've got a different camera, hopefully it's going to be a little better than this one. When it comes to the scenes of me, shooting because that's kind of a trademark of my videos, I wish on myself shooting, and I show the targets. You know. So you can see my shooting in my stance in my position and my accuracy.

So that's, just a little side note for you that if it was a little blurry in this video, my bad, but we'll fix. It for next time, but again, Glock, 17, I'm going to miss this one, but I'm going to be I'm happy to see it going off to a good home like I mentioned before best friend and his wife are buying it. And the wife absolutely loves to shoot in fact, she's going to be putting in her name, and it's going to be her gun. And so I think she's really going to enjoy it spent a very trusty reliable sidearm for me. And so again, we've got a lot of options down the table for me with what I'm going to replace it with and. I'll let, you know in the near future, when we go that route so guys I think that's about it, I want to thank you for watching today.

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That money basically goes into ammo for the firearms. The YouTube money typically goes to buy new guns for the channel. And we can keep this channel gluten. So there you go. Alright, guys, I want you to have a great weekend? Alright, have fun be safe. And as you know, we will talk to you soon.

Alright, guys, take care. Bye. Bye.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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