Final Fantasy Xii (Pt-Br#157) - Masamune Bazaar

I told you guys who tell you Rodrigo to one and pg games, beauty, calm continue with our Final Fantasy, 12 project and there's a gun. And the client takes the award from the trial. But we also have a way to do it in the specific bizarre for that reason to invent the first items that we need to be here are the items that I already have and some have taken the three with 22 of this 3d is to do the web management is one of the items' customer needs. We need to go to machine and fire Katy Perry with. Cerberus here in ugly straight here, for you, how do we get each item out of 100?

So we can taste another dough money for us, I'm here. Now in this area here they have brains. And we have a percentage of this environment from the Colombian priest I think doing the battle here with the anthem coming back going to the probability and falling one bay that we want to show you is first.

We need to do I'm talking about 2 since then there are already 11 in a night Marlene. We will show you we take it and. The garbage with also I will show all this video, ok, then the team has already expanded guys that is a second very hot mass, a stone. So let's go there in 2002, and until the pH from the bush and garbage already has a lot to do will make another gent tel the guys make a bazaar and then make a final bazaar, and I will show all the enemies that will get here. Ok. So hold on I'm coming back, stay active. Get another one like it.

Hey, guys, let's go in this area here, a few times again, but I've already advanced. The process you have to kill all enemies in this area here, leave and enter or leave and come back done that will have a rally game is that if you are started pranking games already eliminated, it won't have that footprint also entered the gay series, but I already showed it I already eliminated one here. Everyone soon advance the process and let's steal here's, our friend art.

He is a rally game guys, ok. So every time I came here that it may seem that there is no problem. Ok, it's very easy to steal it. Past I showed that I'm doing different.

It has a touch to the game as I already killed it. It will not appear again. Furthermore, it is given ratio.

There is beauty is you invent set I? Got it gets the GLA to show you that he admits that we will have one more agent tel there? Ok, the crazy one here to vote in vain who comes back now here in god here comes, but I think the chance of stealing is so do it a people need? It is even under management. Now I'm going to Quito had the world come here to show you a. Bulletin Orin, gum, then sell it all, and I'll get it for you as safe as it comes back. The beauty is the following is to try to show it to you, I'll, get it now original with their requires at least 2, ok? But we weigh it with a maneuver.

It was 3% chance of getting the first one that appears this is it here. So whoever happens 13 percent chance of getting you so let's get it right here. This is the first one that appears on the first floor. We don't get others around here.

I'll try to get the cell phone. Forward to try to show that I'm picking up an item here for you so let's, go the original beauty with picking it up here. Ok, then route. One more item, an act.

You see here, there's a suitcase missing in the last part. So let's, go command. There let's go get there in a little good beauty I'm here in the last part that is, and they will get a school who manages to take the highway with these enemies here, the bombs called vulture. The monograph Hussein end of the expiration date.

I didn't catch the evolving. Team until we were able to operate, but it's, not difficult to be impressed by the formula-1 here, you'll find a lot, and you can catch us if you don't want to catch who's going to come back we'll show you we'll catch it Adam here. You don't, see anything. The effect will get in you take something but let's go here.

No, I don't. Take it. Next. You will win. I'll be walking around this area here. And when I get what, and I'll come back and show, you Teresa, beauty, Amalek beauty. So guys, probably sooner or.

Later, it will be the father of everything let's get our gun and beauty contest let her come back now. Come to finish we'll sell it here. We first need to make one more people selling 18 and a scanner and 2 degree.

But there was done that we are going to buy now we now need to sell 22 13. And now it will appear here in the bazaar and with another 350 thousand, you will buy another one of love beauty, beauty. Then we are just here for you.

Ours is one of the two ammonia vacancies now, three lived race and. The closet very good guys. So I hope you liked it doesn't, forget subscribe to the favorite channel. We came down 8. Thank you very much from the heart. It was a hug.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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