FFXII: Zodiark .VS 3 Great Trango

Welcoming everybody, this is Ben, so we're going to play some Final Fantasy, 12 zodiacs in zodiac Age. These are my characters. You see what I got on them level, 90 on three. And my main characters. Man, I tried beating zodiac.

So many times so much I said, it and went out, and I got me a bunch of triangle towers and about to wreck this guy's life. But with the zodiac, II still, kick ass, no matter what so I'll just show you what I got so Vaughn that's, what he has with a ribbon, and we got well. Pretty much triangle, there need to change that I need more ribbons, setting grad for her try and go for him because he's going to be in the party castle at Ace. Yeah, he's. Good, Ashe, again, I need to change her to the yeah, I think, I. Checked this crap, she's, a ribbon she's, my healer and then triangle for her too ready to go.

But when the time comes down, so sure whatever I need to, but even with that, this , KOS, right quick. So what I'm going to do is going to pick out the buff party I'm just going to put in. A martyr, yeah, you're going back, so you're down first. And you want to play this in normal speed, guys like normal, are you just going die so fast? Because you don't have time to react. So we'll see how it goes? Well, probably die.

I'll, try and steal, no she's dead instantly anyway, and I don't even care to steal, but just four should think, um, I just deal. One time just see how it turns out and insta-death, not one good friend survived. And he's done is his ability can pierce reabsorbed to which you know, Sometimes sometimes some characters stay alive, but I guy, just pierced his everything good I, don't need him casting float I'll turn off. But I do need is a stir attack after he cast his haste I need him to be attacking now feel for shit's maybe see if I get it I bet you I get it now, and you get it.

Okay, no that's. My first place we can steal a great angle from the can still kill I'm tired of this anyway. And it certainly gorgeous combos like crazy, very that's. It, not the trophy for. That which I think for being the most powerful Esper, he should have I could have sworn I got all the s worse, hmm. He sure did slur I did I guess not I think I did I don't know why? But yeah, there it is Michael, where is it?

Hmm? So yeah, he was the last one to get and that's a gold trophy, which is very nice I like it. So that's this, when you're overpowered that's, what happens, so I, can't, wait to meet.

He has amassed or that I. You say, his name that big one with all the billions of health or. Whatever I can't, wait to meet him, and then see how that goes, but I did so much damage that he didn't have time to do dog jaw again at all. So which is pleasant, I think would barely even take damage, but that is it guys and yeah, that's. Why happens when you're overpowered? So, thank you guys for watching, and we'll see you in the next goodbye.


  • 18-Apr-2022

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