Extant's 20th Anniversary - Short Film

At first all there seemed to me to be been dark as a kind I know, extinction, but there and I did look at him to be here. The grew and grew and grew a rapid succession of images from extent, production, expand honestly extent celebrating its 20th anniversary submits, an e, participant extent and even put on Google visually-impaired acting the first thing which comes is extent at the Gilmore actor. Extent, yeah, extent, it's changed my life.

Anita Nazi drama. Facilitator extent, you have got me for life. Juliet. Stevenson actor, patron of extent, I think it's a thrilling time for this company and I think that they are at times really leading the field, Lynne Gardner theater critic Guardian. Just at this particular time, it's, absolutely clear that extant is needed more than ever impulse. Actually the more we widen the pool of talent in British theater, then actually the more creative and exciting. It will be Peter.

Both sound designer extent, I hope that extent will continue to break new ground with exciting and. Original projects and at the same time, give more and more blind, people the confidence to live their dreams, Clive Madison actor, patron of extent. So as extent, reaches its extraordinary landmark anniversary of 20 years here's to the next 20 years, extraordinary work by excellent Helen.

Golden executive director, Innovation, Lab, Nest, happy anniversary exceptional you're, an amazing organization and may the next 20 be just as brilliant I mean, this is great. But how about a few jokes as well? I know, I know.

Let let me kick it off I've got one it's great. What do you call a blind rabbit sitting on your face? An unsightly facial hair? Alright, never mind. Let's. See if these guys can do any better, so I'm learning Braille, but I don't like to talk about it, it's, a touchy subject and I.

Hope you invite me to the fortieth. Well, I will tell you a much better joke. Emilia Cavalry extent, actor and disability performance. Academic, happy, Anniversary extent, congratulations on all the work. You've done up to this point. Be very proud of yourself as a company and may you continue to challenge expand entertain and support and empower not just blind and visually impaired people that everyone who comes across you. Thank you very much for being a part of my life.

Why don't blind people eat fish because it's seafood boil perish managing director, new life, theater, throw a shoe anniversary to expand from theater of the blind? Your life comes out Marcia de Cordova, Member of Parliament for Battersea Shadow Minister for. Disabled people I've liked their huge. Congratulations to the company are marking their 20th anniversary and may they keep momentum going into the next 20 years and beyond a blind woman walks into a bar, ouch, Ian's gentle, extant, ex chair and current trustee, happy anniversary extent. So how do you spot a blind man in a nudist colony it's not extent, happy University - you may wonder might not be alive at that time. 200 years, 2,000 years.

You might become in history of this visually impaired people.2,000 years ago, a lady called Maria, she started extent and all that I wish you my blessing. Okay, one question for all of you guys who is watching this? Why don't blind people skylight because it scares the hell out of the guide dog?

So a big, very happy birthday to expound on your 20th anniversary and may not be twenty more, and then twenty more of the bat and then another twenty and then another twenty and a very, very long route for creative and happy. Life ahead. What do you call a blind dinosaur? Do you think he saw us happy birthday to the company and I hope you have another 20 years?

I've got a Braille joke for you. What did the blind man say when he was handed a cheese grater? This is the most violent or kind ever read so happy 20-year anniversary event. I really am looking forward to the future.

A blind woman walks into the shop, and she starts whirling her dog around by the tail and his shop assistant says to her madam. What are you doing I'm? Just taking a look around? Yeah, the most. Celebration, I was at was a ten-year celebration. And here we are unbelievably 20 years.

Congratulations extent, I think you're. Amazing Steven George actor. Extent, happy birthday extent, how do you make a nation blind giving the eye.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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