EndNote Tutorial--Traveling Library

When you're collaborating on paper with a couple of other authors, or when faculty or helping mentor students on research, it's, really useful to make sure that everybody has access to the same citation material. There are ways to share libraries that's a little restricted because of copyright laws, but that's one way to collaborate, but an easy way to make sure that everyone has the same reference list is to use the upload the traveling library feature. So the first thing to do is to pop back over. Into the Denton up program and just make sure that I've got my tutorial library open.

Because if you recall from other videos, I have a couple of different libraries. And this is where I want to make sure my references get imported into then I'll come back to my document where I've got my six citations in my bibliography on my OneNote toolbar. There is a pull down menu called export to OneNote.

So if I click on export to OneNote I can export my traveling library, I could also export if I just on word. Citations or something else again, the whole goal is to copy that you library with as many references as possible. So as I export, my traveling library that will go into my existing library that is open, and that way I don't have to make a new one for my project. So we'll, let the program think for a moment and the little chime lets us know the export is complete.

So I can pop that over into OneNote, and I'll see here that I had six references four of them were imported, which means that two of the. References were already in my library. So if I've got this article, Violetta's Sayajirao can click on this. If I come over into my full reference list, my Rugger article should be in here as well. And there it is, so I've added the references to my primary library. And one thing to note is that it does not bring in the PDFs of the article.

So if you've attached the PDF on your local library, you would need to find a way to make sure that your co-authors get that so that's the easy way to upload your. Traveling library and again, a huge time-saver.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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