BikeVis Cree V3 Running Lights BMW F700GS

These are the lights we're going to be using. This is the Cree LED spotlight kit, which was about 80 90 quid from bike viz and here are the kits and very straightforward instructions, coupler lamps. And some of these George cables here, which are basically a simple way of connecting and disconnecting your lights. If you want to take them off one thing, I will say about these lights, and they're, nice and heavy. And you can also cheap stuff one bay. These aren't that she perceives her around where a c9 fit.

I. Think something like that, but a very good value because not only are they extremely bright. But this is out, this is actually metal not plastic, it's Natalie and it's really robust. So they look good to feel good, and I think they going to last, and we're going to be filling that to the GS. But first, we got a find some mounting points. And what we decided to do is, we've got a set of crash bars. These are Judy ones or GV ones, and they're about 160 pounds, which is around, but half what BMW charge for.

Their kit so we're going to be filling those first onto the bike. And then we will fit the spotlights on to that right. And there is the give crash bars on the bike and a little fiddly to install, but pretty simple really.

So the next thing is we're going to have a look at the lighting kit, I'm going to take it slowly, wean, a workout where we want to put them on the bike somewhere on the bars, and how going to wire them up. Okay. So we're looking at where to place the lights. Now, the ideal thing. Would be a horizontal surface, where it's nice and flat, and you can fit a light quite easily.

The only ones we've got all right up inside here or down there, where it's going to catch all the crud off of that wheel. We also wanted to be very visible and make the bike look wider. So we need to put someone near the widest part of the bar, and it's, not ideal, but we do have an adjustable bracket on this. So it doesn't matter actually it's not vertical check in with. We can actually just angle of the light. Say that it doesn't dazzle people, and I'm probably going to just fit them on there, because I think that's as a place where they're going to be the most visible now, I don't have a secondary bracket, which would help me to fit these.

And so what I'm going to do is I'm simply going to use a punch to put up small marker here and drill a hole right the way through and bolt right the way through it's, not a particularly elegant solution and I shall treat it with some briefs and whatever to prevent corrosion. Not it's not ideal, but running a bit of a hurry. And I think it's its acceptable for me. So you can get it what's called a p bracket, which is a p shaped bracket goes around here, sticks up forward. And then you can actually you've actually plonked, please right on top of that. And this all has 20 30 quid, and I can't be bothered really, so I'm just going to get on and fit these by during the two hole. Well, where's the lamps actually fit it go to the top of the bars and just drilled through.Then on and now we're going to use these Deutsche connectors to actually connect the main worry.

The first step for me on the G s is going to be to take off the battery cover here. Now, under this particular cover, you want something slightly different, which is a fuse block here, which I got from nippy Norman's. And if you look inside there, this is basically a fuse box which connects to your battery.

And it has several advantages one is that it keeps wiring Nita. You don't have to have loads and loads. Of connections down to the battery, which can cause problems you just have the one set, and then you want all of your connections off of here. So it keeps them Nita.

The second is, you can fit a little fuse in there. So you keep all your fuses in one place. You don't have lots of your fitting different accessories. You can end up loads of separate fuse holders. And if something happens it's a issue, tracing them, this is, you know exactly where they are. And the greatest advantage really is, it has a. Built-In relay, and if you put the fuse in one position, you simply get straight forward power on all the time to the accessory. But if you want the power to go off when the ignition goes off, you simply put it in the other position across there.

And that activates the relay so that when the ignition does off your particular accessory will go off. And you can run six from this one, fuse box, not cheap about 60 odd quid. And it really helps, and I use them on every single bike on a BMW it's.

Particularly valuable because it's got canvas electrics, which are basically digital electrical system monitored by a computer and wiring into existing circuits can be a problem now with this because you're going straight to the battery and everything is running off a fuse box. It doesn't even touch the canvas wiring system. The only place it touches is for alive to trigger the relay that's, absolutely fine lights for fitting our LEDs.

So they're, not going to draw much current anyway. But. Nevertheless, on a can bus bike, I would definitely fit one of these.

In fact, I always fit them to every single bite because I will spit a lot of electrical accessories. And it does make it a lot easier. So and we've connected to these together, and we've heat sealed them in each front them in brought the wires up here, it's, just simply a matter of putting together the two red positives on one side. And the two negatives on the other side, I put a little label on each one, which I'm feeling in a minute. Which will say exactly what it is.

And then you put the relevant, fuse I put a 5 amp in here. You could probably get away with a three, and I've, put it into the position over to the right, which means that it operates through the relays, so I'm, not going to put a switch in this time, just simply run it through the ignition. So when the ignition is on the lights to be on, and when it's off they'll be off so let's just see if it works I'll, keep it on there and just put shot. Yep, there we go an. Absolutely brilliant light. And obviously before we got in row, but they have to adjust them using the garage door to make sure that they don't dazzle.

Anyone overall and an extremely simple quick job and I think it took something like you're right about an hour and to fit this to the crash bars run, the wires up through and connect them to the fuse box is a lot easier. If you have a fuse box once you start, adding accessories don't need it though, and it does get rid of what wiring in kitchen fuses in. A sensible sort of place and so that's it really those are the Cree and spotlights, riding lights, and by bike is and absolutely excellent product. They are too you.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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