ABOX Air Compressor Tyre Inflator Review - 12V 100 PSI Tire Pump For Car

Hello everyone. So recently this company a box or a box or, however, you call it send me this Eric, sir tire, inflator, dinging player ball, inflator, anything. You inflate it's. One of these simple compressors that is powered by the power jack that plugs into your car and I got this thing and like I'm saying, I got this sentence, I think because I purchased a DB power compressor for my car recently, and I reviewed it.

It works. There was nothing particularly special about this. And when I got this I wasn't. Really that excited I was just like all, right? You know, I'll review this. But as soon as I took this thing out of the box, actually before I, even took it out of the box, I know, as the box was very small. And then immediately, as soon as I took out of the box became a bit impressed.

Now you might notice just kind of how small this thing is, for example, this is just a regular can of soda. So this entire box is about the size of two cans of soda. And some of the things that impressed me I'm, not joking like.

This I didn't, just take this out of it. If there are a couple cool things about this. And for one, obviously everything fits inside. So all the cables and cords, they still manage to fit inside this tiny box now, it's, 33 bucks. And the other one I got was 26. One. Other thing is this has the digital display which it's not really that big of a deal for me.

But if you're paying 33 bucks, you may as well have it. But one other thing I, didn't, notice, aren't, you two other things when it has these really nice. Rubber mounts, there they're really handy. And this is as we all know, I mean, if you've ever used the compressor, these things are loud as hell. I mean, when they need a banging, they rattle make tons of noise.

And the fact that this thing has a little rubber mount on two different sides, kind of helps, and she's also pretty decent rubber mounts. There, really if you can see it, but they're, pretty like they stick out quite a bit, and they seem like they, you know, they really make it better. Obviously, if you're.

Just putting this on kind of asphalt, and they're kind of grooves in it. It might not work so well, but if you're putting it on concrete or anything somewhat flat, I think it would work quite well. And one other thing I noticed. The thing is, these are all simple additions. I mean, this is not a complex of complex product it's been around for 2030.

If not 40 years is the little adapter for different nozzles is attached to the device. So unlike the DB power, which comes in little bag, this is now attached to. The device and I no longer have to worry about, you know, losing it. Another thing, I mean, many of these devices have lights, the DB power.

One does not, but it has one hell of a light I'm going to show you how this works outside, but I, actually as I'm taking this video right now, I have not tested it yet. But there are been at seven LED lights. This thing better work pretty well. And this is basically my review that, but 33 bucks, and you could save a few dollars and get rid of the light or the digital. Display, but the combination just the fact that this is Java dies is smaller. The adapter is held inside its sleek.

It has a nice light. I. Think if I were to buy this again, I probably just go for this. I know, it's like always like seven bucks more.

But these are pleasant additions. And you can tell these people they worked on this product. They try to make it better I'm, not sure what I would add to it. I mean, eventually you can add different lights, I have kind of like one of this portable battery.

Adapter chargers, maybe, for example, what if this device was just a little larger and I had the jump starter kit built into it that would be pretty cool, and I think that the smallness factor is also you cannot understate this. Because this is something you kind of want to have always in your car and any amount of size matters because this is something that's constantly taking up space in your car. If you know, this is something I use for a one time. And it was in my house, it wouldn't matter. But. It is taking a valuable room inside my car and I would prefer that it takes up as little space as possible. Now I'm going to show you how the light works outside overall I, just want to say that like I said, I, when I took this thing out of the box, I'd, I know, I just I thought, what's the point of this.

And why is it cost? Seven bucks more than the one I purchased, and I am a bit impressed. This is what the LED light looks like all right. So it has the LED light. So as you can see, that's, pretty good life.

Don't see how loud the compressor is really quick. It seems to be about as normal as all the other let's. Take the thing back inside all right. So I just took this thing back inside. And he saw the light was pretty powerful it's about what I expected and I the place I tested. It wasn't even 100% dark. So obviously, if you were a place that was completely black, he would work even better.

Now, the LED light seems to work. Good wasn't overly bright. It was a nice, blue color, the font and everything was a good. Size easy to read, you wouldn't need glasses, depending on your vision, you know, I just want to say, I did not test this device pumping up my tires. But this is simply it's kind of late. And honestly, if you're buying or even selling a device that's meant to pump up a tire, and it doesn't do this I don't know what you're doing I mean, this thing it's, obviously going to pump up your tires with no problem.

It's just products been around a long time. If there's no new technology here, it's gonna work, the only. Thing I want to say is the length of the charging cable or the power cable.

And the thing is, this is the case with pretty much all these devices, it's kind of a compromise between being able to shove it inside and kind of having an overly long cable I think is I think that cable is sufficiently long. However, if you have a large truck, it may be possibly maybe difficult to reach their rear tire. If you is the only kind of cigarette plug, you have is in the front - it is possible. You may have difficulty. Of reaching the rear tire, however, I think it's pretty much any normal and even semi normal vehicle. This is not a problem, but almost every single one of these devices I've used the cable could be a little longer. But on the other hand like I said, this is only for very few select vehicles that you would need this.

And if you really required it, you could probably buy an extender for a couple of bucks on Amazon. So if you're looking for device, and if I were to buy the air compressor again, I, just wanna. Say that I would still probably buy the cheaper, one if I didn't see this review, but now that I own the $7 more expensive, one I think I would just buy this one, I mean, it's, seven bucks delight. The fact that you're not going to lose a little adapter and the nice little rubber mounts there just worth it.

And just like you saw me, turn the device on it's loud, it's, a compressor it's going to be loud, and they're all loud, I mean, how often do you really have to use this that it matters? So I recommend this device.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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