(MODEL VLOG NYC) Work, Casting From Home + Agency Dinner

Uh, good morning. Guys. Welcome back to another vlog it's, been a while that I haven't done like a daily vlog. So I decided to do one today because I have a pretty busy and long day all right, guys, so I'm having my breakfast. Now, as you saw, um at the beginning of the video I was, um, I made breakfast at home this morning. So this is what I'm having almost like half there.

It doesn't, look that good, but it's. So, so good also very healthy. This is oatmeal with oat milk, um has chia seeds. Pumpkin seeds. Banana. What else and peanut butter, oh, and it has cinnamon and cacao powder.

I forgot to tell you guys I'm working today as you can see I'm in the studio. So I'm going to be shooting all day, um doing com. Then I have to head home quickly, take a shower and like get ready set everything to do like a costume from home they're, requesting me, they're, requesting for me like a self type video and like 10 different pictures. So we'll see how that goes, because I really don't know if I have time for that, but I'm gonna.

Try it because then at 7, 30 in the evening, I have dinner with my agency with Wilhelmina with my brokers and other girls. And when I come back from dinner, I have to like to shoot the pictures and the video that I'll have to send to the casting, uh producer director. So that's pretty much what I have for today all right, guys.

So I'm home as you can see. So I quickly took a shower, uh, did a little of a natural makeup fix. My hair did a little of waves and put on an outfit for the casting. Um.

So I have. Like this athletic wear, because they want to see skin, I guess it's like a skincare, um commercial or something like that. So, um, yeah, so I have everything set up.

I have the ring light here. Let me put it on turn it on, so I'll, be taking a few pictures. Well, not a few pictures they're asking for 10 different pictures. So I have to do that and then one video.

So hopefully I'll be done in time for dinner, and then I'll choose them. When I come when I get home from dinner and send them to the costume, all. Right guys so just finished the casting during the self tape video and the photos and just change. So this is going to be the outfit for dinner. Let me show all right don't, look at the mess.

So this is what I'm wearing today. So I have like this cute top with a blazer some accessories. And this like leather type of pants, they're like very loose. And then this shoes, these booties with heels.

And then my black back. This is improvised. And I really, really like the look so let's go.

I just got home and um, put. On my PCs. So as you can see it's been a very busy and long day, I have to get on the computer and select the images and the video I have to send for the casting so that's going to take a while I go through every single picture and video and see which one is the best for for for them.

So yeah, that's that's. What I'm going to do now. So yeah, first I'm going to take off the makeup wash. My face brush, my teeth and get to it. I'm going to end this vlog right here. I hope you guys like this day in my life vlog has. Been a very long day. I woke up today at six, um, right now, it's 11 something p.m. And I don't know what time I'm going to sleep.

And I need to get up early again at 6, 00 am tomorrow. So as I said, but, um, you know it was overall. It was a good day because it was a productive day. I got to do everything I had to do also, um, the dinner with my agency with Wilhelmina. We shot so much and that's why we got, um that's, why I got laid home, um, because dinner started at 7:30 p.m. And I got home like at 10 something so.

Yeah, guys overall good day just exhausted. And thank you for watching, and I'll be seeing you in my next one, you.

  • 18-Apr-2022

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