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Hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of AutoCAD, India, quick news coming up over the next few minutes is your weekly snapshot to all the latest from the world of automobiles. But before we begin do hit subscribe to the auto car, India, channel and press the bell icon to stay notified on all our latest uploads. The koda Slavic has just gone on sale. Here are the details. The Slavic is available in both manual and automatic transmission options and is priced from 10.69 to 15.39 lakh rupees. Extra. Room for the one liter TSI variants, while the 1.5 liter version is available only in the top spec style, trim the 1.5 TSI variants are priced at 16.19 lakh rupees for the manual and 17.79 lakh rupees, extra room for the automatic.

The Slavic gets led projector, headlamps 16-inch, alloy wheels, 179 mm, ground clearance and class leading 521 liter boots. Space, higher variants get a 10 inch, touchscreen 8 inches, digital instrument. Cluster ventilated, front seats as well as a sunroof with its 115 horsepower.

And.150 horsepower petrol only power trains, koda's latest midst sedan, replaces the outgoing rapid and goes up against the Honda city, Hyundai Verna and Mart Suzuki seas. You can watch the full review of the Slavic in our video section jeep has introduced the updated version of the compass trail hawk in India. The off-road focus compass trey lock facelift comes priced at 30.72 lakh rupees at showroom. India making it pricier by 1.38 lakh rupees, over the top-end 4x4 trim of the regular compass while it.

Continues to bear design similarities with the compass it's based upon the tray lock gets a more sharp liquid front bumper for a better approach angle, a black and red decal on the hood, raised 205. Mm, ground clearance and smaller, 17-inch, alloy wheels. There's also a trail.

Rated badge on the front fender as well as a tow hook at the rear demarcating it from the regular compass changes on the inside include red stitching on the softest dashboard and play lock badges on the seats it continues to. Feature, the 10.1 inch touchscreen as well as 10.25 inch digital instrument, cluster from the standard compass the updated compass trail hawk, however, gets an additional rock mode over the regular SUV for enhanced off-road capability along with its mud and snow tires as well as better, ram break over and departure angles of 24 and 34 degrees. Respectively jeep, also claims a 483. Mm, water fading depth for the upgraded compass trail hawk. The trail off facelift continues to compare by the 2 liter multiset.

Multi-Diesel engine producing 170 horsepower. The engine comes mated to a 9-speed torque converter, automatic gearbox as standard jeep has released teasers of its first all-electric SUV model that is yet to be named and is expected to make a global debut by early 2023. The teaser images show quintessential jeep, design cues, including the trademark jeep grille, which is sealed in this electric SUV. The face also features split headlamps with led URLs positioned above it gets pronounced wheel. Arches a. Strong shoulder line and chunky body cladding to round off the SUV.

Look. The rear profile is characterized by sunken LED tail lamps, which bear a square design. The rear bumper also gets black cladding along with a force kit, plate jeep, hasn't revealed any details about the battery or motor of its upcoming electric SUV. Yet Volkswagen has teased the sportier gt trim of its upcoming midsize set.

And in India Volkswagen is gearing up for the launch of its upcoming versus midsize sedan in India, which. Will be unveiled on March 8th in the latest update. The company has teased the top spec gt trim of the versus, which will feature unique sporty design elements on the outside, such as chrome embellishments, gt badges as well as different alloy wheels.

The gt trim of the versus will also feature a different equipment list to stand apart from the regular car. More importantly, Volkswagen will reserve the more powerful 150 horsepower, 1.5 liter petrol engine, solely for the gt trim, whereas the rest of the. Vertus lineup will compare by 115 horsepower 1 liter, TSI mill. We will get you all the details on the virtues next week.

So do subscribe and click that bell icon after introduction of the new Mart Suzuki bale no. Toyota is set to launch the new Ghana on March 15th. The gamma is based on the bale no and comes with minor aesthetic changes like a different grille to set it apart from partner, Suzuki's premium hatchback. It is likely to get a new 9-inch infotainment system as seen on the new bale no as.

Well, as compared by a 90 horsepower, 1.2 liter, 4 cylinders, petrol engine with idle start soft. Technology Tata Motors has updated the Nixon with more features and variants, the Nixon petrol and diesel lineup has been revised with 4 new variants prices of which start from 10.87 lakh rupees, extra room, the biggest talking point of the new oz, plus HS and Xe. A plus HS trims is the addition of an air purifier while the oz plus p and oz, a plus b, trims are the standard variants of the new Tauranga editions. Introduced last week and come price rupees, 20, 000 cheaper, the oz plus p and Xe, a plus b variants, offer new features, such as ventilated front seats, leatherette upholstery and air purifier as well as an auto dimming.

IRA Tata Motors has introduced these new variants to commemorate the 3 lakh unit production milestone of the Nixon, which was launched in September 2017. The new variants are being offered in both 1.2, liter, turbo petrol and 1.5 liter diesel engine options as well as with the dark. Edition package of the Nixon. The company has also introduced a new royal blue exterior paint shed on this. Compact.

SUV Tata Motors has also begun accepting bookings for the upcoming, automatic version of the ultras premium hatchback with the launch expected by the middle of this month, potential customers can pre-book their ultras DCA for a sum of 21, 000 rupees, the ultras DCA or dual clutch, automatic will use a double clutch gearbox with red, plus technology and will only come mated to the 86. Horsepower 1.2 liter, naturally, aspirated engine offered in the citrus and not the more powerful 1.2 liter, turbo petrol unit. The ultra GCA will be offered in at oz and oz, plus variants alongside being offered in the dark edition trims. The company will also offer a new opera, blue exterior paint shade across the ultras lineup with introduction of the automatic rims. The new Mercedes Maybach s-class has been launched in India.

The new Mercedes Maybach s-class comes priced at 2.5, crore rupees for the. Locally assembled s550 trim and 3.2 crore rupees, extra from India for the fully imported s680 variant. The ultra luxury version of the s-class gets a 180. Mm, longer wheelbase than even the long wheelbase s-class currently on sale in India, the Maybach s-class features, an array of mybach-specific cosmetic tweaks, such as the signature vertical louvered, mamba, grille, unique alloy wheels, additional chrome embellishments as well as my buck logos on the tailgate and c-pillar. The cabin 2 gets my bug.

Specific upholstery trim, inserts and graphics for the touchscreen as well as digital instrument. Cluster. The new Maybach s-class gets a four-seat layout with two individual, rear seats, separated by a full-length floor. Console equipment list includes a panoramic sunroof, a berm ester 4d surround sound system and ventilated seats with massage function.

The Maybach s-class also gets level 2, autonomous driving features, a 360-degree camera and 13 airbags, the new Maybach s-class is available with two. Engine options, a 4 liter v8 in the s550 trim and a 6 liter v12 in the s680 variant, the v8 engine produces 503 horsepower and 700 mm of peak torque with a 48 volt multi-bit system, offering an additional 20 horsepower boost the v12 unit on the other hand, develops 612 horsepower and 900. Nm of peak torque, both engines come with a 9 speed gearbox as standard with power being sent to all four wheels and coming to two-wheelers.

Now, the upcoming simple one electric scooter is said to receive a higher. Range option simple energy is targeting a 300-kilometer range on its upcoming electric scooter. The simple one while the standard scooter gets a combined battery capacity of 4.8 kilowatt-hour from a 3.2 kilowatt-hour, fix and a 1.6 kilowatt-hour, detachable unit. The company is looking to offer a third 1.6 kilowatt-hour, detachable battery pack. This will increase the claimed IDC or Indian driving cycle range of the simple one from 236 kilometers in eco-mode to 300 kilometers, the additional battery. Pack will be housed in the scooter's boot with likelihood of significantly reducing the available boot space. The standard simple one comes priced at 1.1, lakh, rupees, ex-showroom, Delhi and the battery upgrade will raise the price to 1.45 lakh rupees, ex-showroom daily after state, subsidies the simple one will get features such as a 7-inch TFT instrument.

Cluster LED lights and an 8.5 kilowatt motor with a claim top speed of 105 kilometers per hour. Hero motor corp has officially launched the Vida. Brand name that the company would be using to introduce its electric to wheelers first of which an electric scooter is said to be unveiled later this year in July, the Vida brand will also act as the umbrella under which hero motor corp will introduce new emerging mobility solutions and that's.

All the news we have this week. Thank you very much for watching see you again. Next week with more news and more scoops from the exciting world of automobiles till then keep enjoying AutoCAD India. You.

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